The RG 78 Series: Article 8 of 8 – Withdrawing or correcting a submitted report
21 November 2023

ASIC’s new guidance clarifies the circumstances in which a report may be withdrawn or corrected. This update reflects ASIC’s focus on improving the operation of the breach reporting / reportable situations regime as part of its 2022/2023 regulatory priorities.

There is an expectation that licensees will submit complete and accurate reports. However, there are certain circumstances ASIC may consider a request to either withdraw or correct a report that has been lodged.

Circumstances where ASIC may approve a request to correct a report:

  • A report that contains material factual errors – ASIC may require the licensee to withdraw the report and resubmit a new one or correct the existing report, following the receipt of a correction.
  • A change is required to a field that has been greyed out – In order to make an amendment to a greyed-out section, licensees will need to make a correction request to ASIC directly.
  • Additional or more accurate information comes to light –when a licensee has uncovered additional or more accurate information after submitting a report, the licensee will need to make a correction request to ASIC directly.

Circumstances where ASIC will not approve a request to correct a report:

  • A matter is determined as no longer reportable – ASIC will not approve a withdrawal request where the licensee later considers the matters reported on are not a reportable situation.
  • Minor factual error – ASIC does not consider it necessary to withdraw or amend reports where minor typographical errors are made.

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